Open letter to my great love, social media

Open letter to my great love, social media

Social media, we need to talk. First of all, I want you to know that I love you and a life without you is unthinkable and absurd. After all the time we have spent together – at work, at the dinner table, in bed – you got to know me extremely well and you have tuned into all my likes. But, love, in spite of your so attentive nature, there is one thing you have missed after all. An innermost wish of mine. And because you’re so important to me, I want to be crystal clear on this.

We have had a wonderful time together; I have been shown and taught so many great things through your channels. For a long time, you have given me exactly what I needed.

But sorry, dear, this is not enough anymore! You can tell by the way we inter­act with each other lately. Our on-off relationship is exhausting: I devour you, then you piss me off and I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, then I fall unconditionally and involuntarily in love with you again and devote to you, once more, all of my time.

I cannot continue like this. The truth is, there is a void, and I have needs that you are yet to satisfy. I have evolved. It’s time for a change.

Although you’re such a smart cookie, darling, you need to admit you have some crucial weak­nesses: you frequently rule out one of the most important things in life – to live in the here and now. You keep presenting to me what others do or let me show what I have been up to. But what about the option of creating something new – together with others? Just standing on the sidelines is no longer enough.

What I need from you is that you start making it easier for me to get together with other people, both old friends and new acquaintances. In my city and as I travel! I want to savor the moment and create memorable, real-life experiences together with interesting people! To be sponta­neous, vibrant, adventurous… Offline.

Before you start panicking, please hear me out! Offline does not mean that you are devalued by any means what­soever. On the contrary. You’ll still play a major role in my life, only in a more cutting-edge, independent and exciting way. And the best part: The missing piece of the puzzle that will spice up our relationship is just a download away: An app that not only shows me what people are doing or planning to do in a certain area, but also allows me to join them spontaneously! This is where the best of online and offline merges and thrives! With this, dear social media, I firmly believe that we have another chance at happiness!

Love always,

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