Premium Account

  • Normal Users:

Every user can become an administrator and create his/her private social network of close friends and share check-ins happening in the present or planned in the future on a private map. These check-ins are only visible by the group of friends who joined the Premium Account by verifying their email as set up by the group administrator.

The subscription fee paid by the administrator is 0,99 euro per month or 9,99 euro per year.

  • Sponsored Accounts:

Enloopp can help the SME’s of each city (local brands /merchants/bars/restaurants) by providing a premium platform for sponsored accounts. These native, real-time ads match the form and function of normal check-ins and therefore are perceived as desired information or new opportunities that users want to be aware of. This ensures the alignment with Enloopp’s user experience and presents content which users are likely to trust and refer back to. Benefits you get if you are a venue that wants to engage in native advertising, interact with Normal and Premium Users and use the premium account function:

a) When a user taps his finger on the map to get suggestions for potential places to create check-ins, your place pops up first.

b) Create promotion campaigns with rewards for users who attend your location and make their friends and all Enloopp users aware by creating a number of check-ins (3 or 6) on the map. We call this social advertising. 

c) Native advertising by creating official check ins to promote events and special offers on the map to make users and potential customers who are passing near your location or are in the same city aware of your marketing propositions.

d) An analytics platform to track and monitor discovery and engagement of/with your promotions.

The subscription fee is 9,99 euro per month or 99,99 euro per year.

  • Private corporate accounts:

A social intranet for the employees of a company or members of an organisation.

How ENLOOPP can enrich a company and improve your corporate culture:

a) Easy way to communicate official company events

With ENLOOPP companies can promote events, workshops or projects and share them with their employees on a private map visible only by the registered employees or members. It is easy to share upcoming events and monitor the attendance of employees worldwide.

b) Strengthen the corporate culture via social meet-ups

ENLOOPP gives the opportunity for employees across all professional levels and departments to connect, exchange ideas and socialise. This creates a supportive and welcoming environment, which not only improves the team spirit, but also helps employees on their personal and professional growth. It supports employee engagement, inspires loyalty and builds trust across different departments and management. Employees from the same or different departments can meet up on a social basis (lunch, drinks after work, do sports, attend a cultural event together etc), give peer-to-peer advice and support each other by providing diverse perspectives and know-how to solve problems and build a strong team spirit. Furthermore, managers can organise group meet-ups for junior employees to attend and give advice and mentorship in a social and informal setting. This will reinforce the company’s culture and create an open communication mentality.

c) Benefits and exclusive offers for the employees of a company at venues and shops discoverable on the map.

d) An analytics platform to measure employee engagement and provide statistical analysis for official events measuring attendance and categorising it for social analysis and monitoring employee satisfaction.

The subscription fee is 99,99 euro per month or 999,99 euro per year.


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